We make it easy to book you car in!

Please either phone us to arrange booking your car in to our workshop, or use the booking form found here on our website and we will get back to you to arrange the booking time.

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We make bookings direct onto the computer linked to our workshop planner that gives us an accurate indication of the next MOT, service or general repair slot available.

If you are booking into Car Services for the first time, we will need the registration number of the vehicle, your postcode and a contact telephone number to let you know the date(s) and time(s) we have available to book your car in for.

If we already have your vehicle on our records, it would be helpful to know whether their has been any changes since we last saw you, either to the vehicle or to your contact details.

Please tell us if you are experiencing any difficulties with the vehicle. If there’s a problem it helps us to know about any unusual noises, inconsistent engine performance or anything else you’ve noticed that doesn’t feel right – even if you’re not sure what needs doing.

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Our Services Include:

Manufacturers Services

Our vast experience helps us efficiently service and repair all kinds of vehicles


Manufacturers Services

We will cost effectively service your vehicle, whilst retaining your manufacturers warranty…

Mechanical Repairs

We provide a wide range of mechanical repairs for all makes or models of vehicle


Mechanical Repairs

We have spent over 30 years developing our workshop facilities and fine-tuning our skills…

Air Conditioning

We provide maintenance and recharging to vehicle air conditioning equipment


Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is almost standard equipment in all modern cars and plays a…


The MOT certificate is issued by the Vehicle Operator Service Agency (VOSA)



The MOT certificate is issued by the Vehicle & Operator Service Agency (VOSA)…

Fleet Services

We provide maintenance for all types of company cars and vans


Fleet Services

Be it a tired works van or an executive fleet, Car Services recognise the vital role company…

Diagnostic Testing

We provide diagnostic testing for any make or model of vehicle


Diagnostic Testing

We use the latest BOSCH testing equipment to diagnose faults with engine management…


We take our affiliation seriously, adhering to their strict quality guidelines to guarantee we maintain the highest standards. We are required by these trade organisations to promise and prove that we are following their core codes of practice, guaranteeing you the best possible service and customer care.

MOT Testing Station, Moror Industry Code of Practice, Delphi, Retail Motor Industry Federation.

Providing alternative dispute resolution

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