We provide manufacturers approved servicing.

Motorists who run newer and valuable cars always face a dilemma, you want to retain your manufacturers warranty and service history records to keep up the resale value of your vehicle, yet you would probably rather not pay the very high service prices charged by the main dealership garage.

The good news is that Car Services can solve this dilemma and save you money in one go!

Have your car serviced to the manufacturers specification without paying for the expensive overheads of a main dealer. Using Car Services can retain your manufacturers warranty rights and service history and pay up to 40% less.

Under EU legislation (2003) main dealers have to honour warranties regardless of where a vehicle has been serviced provided that the owner can prove that the manufacturers service schedule has been followed in full, and that either original spare parts or matching quality parts have been fitted.

SAVE £’s with UP TO 50% OFF

…and preserve your vehicle warranty!

Car Services has the experience, skills and equipment needed to follow the manufacturers service schedule regardless of the make or age of car.

Every vehicle is different, so we give you two personalised quotes for servicing your vehicle. One is based on using manufacturers original replacement parts and the other on using quality equivalent parts that meet manufacturers standards, which in almost all cases proves to be a very cost-effective alternative.

You simply tell us which option you would prefer and we’ll take it from there. Whichever option you choose, your vehicle will be serviced to the same standard of care and attention to detail, you will maintain your manufacturers warranty entitlements and have you service book validated.

For that extra peace of mind, we will keep a record of your vehicle’s service record on our computer and will be happy to supply you with a free copy when you want to sell your car.itted.

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Our Services Include:

Manufacturers Services

Our vast experience helps us efficiently service and repair all kinds of vehicles


Manufacturers Services

We will cost effectively service your vehicle, whilst retaining your manufacturers warranty…

Mechanical Repairs

We provide a wide range of mechanical repairs for all makes or models of vehicle


Mechanical Repairs

We have spent over 30 years developing our workshop facilities and fine-tuning our skills…

Air Conditioning

We provide maintenance and recharging to vehicle air conditioning equipment


Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is almost standard equipment in all modern cars and plays a…


The MOT certificate is issued by the Vehicle Operator Service Agency (VOSA)



The MOT certificate is issued by the Vehicle & Operator Service Agency (VOSA)…

Fleet Services

We provide maintenance for all types of company cars and vans


Fleet Services

Be it a tired works van or an executive fleet, Car Services recognise the vital role company…

Diagnostic Testing

We provide diagnostic testing for any make or model of vehicle


Diagnostic Testing

We use the latest BOSCH testing equipment to diagnose faults with engine management…


We take our affiliation seriously, adhering to their strict quality guidelines to guarantee we maintain the highest standards. We are required by these trade organisations to promise and prove that we are following their core codes of practice, guaranteeing you the best possible service and customer care.

MOT Testing Station, Moror Industry Code of Practice, Delphi, Retail Motor Industry Federation.

Providing alternative dispute resolution

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